One of a Kind... Just Like You!

We create custom designs from photographs, videos and even your imagination! Our skills and experience, combined with your inspiration will result in personalized, custom garments. From scratch, we will design clothes to best compliment your shape and style. We go through every stage of the process with you as a team, and guide you towards finding a style that corresponds to your figure and embodies your ideas in fabric and thread.

“…I got tons of compliments on the dress, thank you again!"           -Mano

Red Carpet Prom Dress 

One-Piece Capellia Ballet Costume

"Thank  you Lucy!  It is obvious that Copellia is her favourite dance this year and she loves her costume. I appreciate your patience and dedication to quality. All the best in your business."

- Bobbie-Anne and Chloe

Lacey Prom Dress 

Custom Winter Coat

Two-Piece Custom Suit

CustomRed Gown

Natural Chiffon Prom Dress

The prom dress that Lucy sewed for me made me feel amazing! It was so light and beautiful; it looked exactly like the picture that I gave her. I got so many compliments wearing it. It was incredible!"

- Anastasia

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